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Fidens Insurance Hurricane Damage Checklist

Insurance checklist should there be a significant hurricane loss

1. Review and identify your insurance policies: Based on your situation, you could have insurance coverage provided via renters insurance or via a homeowner policy. Coverage could also be available through a credit card agreements or under an auto policy provided by your mortgage lender.

2 Report your loss at once: Notify your insurance company as fast as you can and report the loss. Let them be aware of any immediate actions that they must take and bear in mind that a few carriers may require that damages need to be accessed before repairs commence.

3. Make temporary repairs: As soon as it is safe to do so, it is your duty to ensure that further damages are not done so take the necessary actions to prevent them. After a documenting and photographing structural damages to your property, try to keep your home dry by covering holes in broken windows or in the roof, open the windows and doors. Make sure all your receipts are kept intact (receipts for post-hurricane repairs as well as those for preventive measures).

4. Document the damage to your property: Prepare a list of all that was damaged, destroyed or missing and make sure you take as many photographs as possible. In order to establish the age of all that needs to be repaired or replaces, provide all the necessary information including photographs, bills and receipts. Do not throw away or dispose other expensive items or furniture that got damaged. Finally, it is necessary to get a detailed estimate for all repairs that need to be done. Be sure everything is on the list.

5. When dealing with your insurers, proceed with caution: Carefully review all the offers provided by your insurance company. Make sure you properly comprehend all that is being included in your claim and the method it was valued. Do not sign anything if you feel you have been unfairly denied coverage or if you are not certain the offer is a fair one. Properly research all your options to make sure you are being covered as you ought to be. It is best you seek legal assistance when in doubt.

6. Store detailed and thorough records: Secure and properly store all documentation from your carrier as well as all receipts for your hurricane-related expenses. Also, keep a log of all the correspondence with your insurer.

7. Familiarize yourself with services and agencies that can be of assistance: There are certain services and agencies that can help you during this period to try to get their website information and phone numbers. These agencies could be private organizations or public organizations.

8. Standard Renters or Homeowners Insurance Coverages & the Types of disasters likely covered are;

Loss of Utilities

  • Fire

  • Lightning

  • Wind-driven water

  • Wind

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